Goodbye Old Friend


In her final days metal frame-working and braces held her in her frail state while life around her continued at a steady pace

As we stood face to face in our final goodbye we recounted a lifetime of memories

As she slipped into a deep restful slumber she whispered one last word to me.

We are all subject to aging and ultimately expiration.  As we surrender ourselves to this universal truth we make way for the emergence of other incarnations

“I wasn’t always this way” she said.  “I used to be young and beautiful and had a sense of entitlement befitting the residence I’d been born to.”

“As I developed a greater sense of awareness I began to understand that the path we walk is of our own making”

“And although we may encounter like wanderers throughout our lifetime they, as well, are on a path of their making.”

“Now in my final days,  as a shell of who I used to be,  I open my heart to reveal one of the greatest truths of this existence.”