The Shadows We Leave Behind
Exhibition by Caroline Kronenberg at Baan Monfai Cultural Center / Chiang Mai Thailand
Produced 12 images of the shadows cast by the sculptures of fellow Artist in residence Caroline Kronenberg for her exhibition “The Shadows We Leave Behind”

Places In Between – The Exhibition
Baan Monfai Cultural Center / Chiang Mai Thailand / Solo Exhibition
Collection of images featuring jewelry created by Chicago designer Margaret Buckman. Exhibition opening night February 3rd 2017 Chiang Mai Thailand.


“Places In Between” is a photographic project about transformation. It examines the relationship between women, their cultural heritage, and the garments and they wear. It presents two opposite scenarios. One scenario examines the link between clothing and culture and its effect when it is used to dictate or assign a role or rank within society. The other scenario examines the transformation of identity as the garment is used to punctuate cultural origins and act as a means of expression.


Project Management: Marie P. Anderson
Jewelry: Margaret Buckman
Models: Tia Bat, Juliet Wang, and Maey Basri
Makeup: Jeannie Giannone
Hair: Mariefel Lagatuz Westa

Goodbye Old Friend
Revive Chicago 2016 / Chicago USA / Group Exhibition – Silent Auction

The last days of Old Gray who stood at the corner of Grand, Milwaukee, and Halsted. For years this structure served as a local landmark of multifarious opinions. Some saw it as an eyesore while others recognized it as an informal guardian who watched over your vehicle as you danced the night away in neighborhood clubs. Some used it as a canvas or makeshift gallery to showcase a weekly rotation of street art. Regardless of opinion it marks the end of a time period in River West. One where grit and grime are being replaced with chic and sleek. This photo essay is dedicated to Old Gray. I’ve known you as long as I’ve known this city. Goodbye old friend. May all those who sought refuge in your embrace find a new resting place.



Zenza Bronica 6×6 medium format on Lomo Pro XP slide film

Printed collection is 24×24 inch canvas, impasto coated, set in a floating frame.

The Hands of Time
Baan Monfai Cultural Center / Chiang Mai Thailand / Solo Exhibition
“The Hands of Time” is a project inspired by hand gestures used in Lanna dance throughout history and into the present day. It examines their evolution through time and establishes a visual timeline where each incarnation of the movement resides in a continuous stream of forward motion. The result is a cross section of performances presenting an array of movements and gestures that represent the ever-changing nature of existence




Digital images

Squares are 30×30 / Rectangles are 24×36 or 36×24

Numbered collection printed on German etching paper

Mounted to a floating plaque


Other Exhibitions

Art Experience / Chicago USA / Half A World Away – Group Exhibition

Pamela’s Parkside Grille / Chicago USA / Seeing the Unseen – Group Exhibition